Veronica Vasicka Takes Minimal Wave to the Mainstream

By Jim Allen

We’ve hipped you to the work of electro-pop entrepreneur Veronica Vasicka in the past, but now it seems like the wider world outside our little cabal of cool is getting wind of the NYC music maven’s activities. When you get a profile in the NY Times Fashion & Style section, it’s probably pretty safe to say your days as a denizen of the underground are numbered. In Vasicka’s case, that’s a good thing, because her whole mission seems to be about spreading the word for the synth-pop sounds she loves, and lately the word is reaching farther than ever.

Vasicka’s Minimal Wave concept, which focuses on the DIY synth-pop/Cold Wave sounds of esoteric early-’80s acts like Futurisk and Circuit 7, began as a radio show for the underground (now online) station East Village Radio, where she was one of the founding figures. Eventually, that idea extended into her own reissue label, called (What else?) Minimal Wave Records, through which Vasicka made the rare records she loved available to the world once more. At the same time, she’s been working as a successful DJ, bringing those seminal synth sounds directly to clubgoers straight from her turntables. But with the extra attention her already-popular endeavors are getting, New York City’s worst-kept-secret may soon become common knowledge.