Société Perrier DJ Mix: Geko Jones

By Bogar Alonso

There should be a medical term for the things Brooklyn-based DJ/producer Geko Jones makes your feet do. Like some crate-diggin’ witch doctor the self-described Puerto’lombiano (because of his Puerto Rican/Colombian roots) can have you dancing before your brain can register what’s happening. With a mystic feel for kinetic energy, Jones draws on the the tunes of his lineage to create addictive tropical-bass smorgasbords.

A listen to the mix he made exclusively for Société Perrier will make you an instant fan. Like with all his music, the mix sounds like a midnight expedition through the Southern Hemisphere. As Jones puts it, the journey “starts on the Pacific coast of Colombia, moves through moombahton, and then drops into some fast and heavy Afro-Latin barefoot bass and kuduro, with a side of avocado.”

If you happen to go through a tropical-bass withdrawal after listening to the mix, you’d be glad to find out that there’s a cure. Along with conspirant Uproot Andy, Geko is part of the monthly New York tropical-bass party Que Bajo!?, which is a hoot-and-a-half. Partner and co-owner of the Dutty Artz music label with Matt Shadetek and DJ /rupture, Jones also keeps busy promoting other talent. For example, on the mix he chose to include “edits and remixes from some of [his] favorite producers and Colombian artists. Friends that [he’s] either played with, been influenced by, or inspired with, the sound… developed by Que Bajo!?”

He’s currently preparing himself for the annual Cinco De Gallo party, happening May 4 at Le Poisson Rouge, as well as Redbull Music Academy’s Culture Clash in NYC on May 9. He and Que Bajo!? partner Uproot Andy will be competing in a four-way Jamaican style sound clash versus Just Blaze, Fool’s Gold Records and Federation Sound System at the Roseland Ballroom. Considered underdogs, they need all the support they can get. So give the mix a listen and jump on the Geko bandwagon. Your feet will thank you.

Société Perrier DJ Mix: Geko Jones

1. De Boca en Baca – “Las Mañanas de San Juan (Thornato Remix)”
2. Gualajo – “Botella y Vacito (Bleepolar Remix)”
3. Banginclude – “Oyemeilo”
4. DJ Reaganomics – “Congothon”
5. Jorn & BassJackers – “Cumbiathon (Rampage and Nader Edit)”
6. Paul Devro – “Miss Broadway vs Munchi’s Sandungeo”
7. Stereotyp – “Garabato”
8. Petrona Martinez – “El Hueso (Afrofunke Remix)”
9. Jairo Mendez – “Big Booty Women”
10. Shellow Shaq – “Hay Me Botaron”
11. Harmonic 312 – “Out In the Streets”
12. Estralles del Caribe – “Kunchuzo”
13. Abeti Masekini – “Minvela (DJ Reaganomics RMX)”
14. Batida – “Kizomba (Batida remix ft Sacerdote)”
15. DJ Znobia – “Bisneira”
16. Uproot Andy – “Fiesta De Negritos (Uproot Andy Remix)”
17. Petrona Martinez – “Sepiterna (Thornato Remix)”
18. Digi M – “Stress Riddim”
19. Frankie Boy – “Lisa Love”
20. DJ Gregor Salto – “Tragito de Ron”
21. Neebuen Roarhillz – “Apate Azonto”
22. Los Macuanos – “Sangre Cruz y Bandera”
23. Dolcey Gutierrez – “La Muerte De Tite (Maga Bo vs. Geko Jones)”

Photo by King Texas