Société Perrier 14-Month Anniversary DJ Mix: Trouble & Bass

By Darren Ressler

Our 14-month anniversary taking place throughout September has spawned some amazing 14-track guest mixes from the likes of Detroit techno legend Stacey Pullen, Manchester post-techno duo Ghosting Season and London hip-hop/funk junkies The Herbaliser (there’s plenty more surprises in the pipeline!).

Now it’s time for New York City to represent! Enter Brooklyn’s Trouble & Bass crew, who are also celebrating an anniversary this month as they welcome in their sixth year of bringing bass to the masses with a big bash at SRB in Brooklyn on September 28 featuring Drop The Lime, Nadastrom, AC Slater, Salva, Star Eyes, Mike Q, The Captain and Curses!

The T&B crew have mixed up a wickedly good 14-tracker oozing with lots of nasty bass business featuring tunes from some of the aforementioned artists as well as French phenom Mikix The Cat, Stockholm’s Little Jinder and Bristol’s Baobinga. Follow your bass-ic instinct and download it now. We’ll see you at SRB on September 28!

Société Perrier 14-Month Anniversary DJ Mix: Trouble & Bass

1. Little Jinder – “Youth Blood” (Bok Bok Remix)
2. Drop The Lime – “Set Me Free” (Lil Silva Remix)
3. Drop The Lime – “Sex Sax” (MJ Cole’s Lubricated Relick)
4. AC Slater – “Take You” (Nadastrom Remix)
5. Mikix The Cat – “Movin Around”
6. Zombies For Money – “Bhangra Dance”
7. Drop The Lime – “Hear Me” (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)
8. Drop The Lime – “Come 2 Life”
9. Curses! – “What I Need” (Dexplicit Remix)
10. Party Crashers – “Ready or Nut”
11. Plastician – “Retro”
12. Deathface – “We Still Kill The Old Way”
13. Baobinga – “State of Ghetto Jackin” (TRG’s Brooklyn 2 Bucharest Remix)
14. Star Eyes – “Disappear” (Cardopusher Remix)