My 5 Favorite Things: Samantha Lim

By Rana Good

Samantha Lim is a triple threat when it comes to fashion. An expert in the branding, marketing and editorial side of the business, she’s currently serving as Editor in Chief at Fashion Indie, where Lim and her team engage readers through provocative fashion, style, beauty and pop culture content. We asked the stylish NYC denizen to share her five favorite things.

1. Black and white movies: I could watch Turner Classic Movies forever. I have no idea what most of the movies are called or who the actors are, but there’s something about that era of traditional gender roles that really defined style for men and women in a way that you just don’t get to experience anymore.

2. Things Made For TV or SkyMall: I am a marketer’s dream. It takes about two seconds to completely convince me that I desperately need a product that I had no idea I needed, and if it’s under $20 (which it always is) I’m sold. I have a Slap Chop, a Snuggie, a Shamwow, a PedEgg, a hot dog toaster, a thing that holds your bra straps together, a thing that dehydrates fruit (poorly), and a thing that magically rubs off your arm hair (don’t try that one).

3. My iPhone: It is glued to my hand. I run all of our social media accounts and social profiles from it, not to mention always have it handy to take pictures and manage emergencies at all times during events, press appointments, and when we’re on location shooting. I got it taken apart and custom colored at Dr. Brendan’s on St. Mark’s Place and so now it looks special.

4. Vintage Chanel Bags: I love the way the old bags were designed. Rich padded leathers in strong solid colors with elegant hardware. You really feel the heritage behind something that is that old. I have four which makes me a bit of a rookie collector — but good ones are hard to find and I have to spend my money on silly things like food and shelter, so I take my habit one piggy bank at a time.

5. People: I don’t know if that counts as a thing, but I just love people, especially in New York. I love meeting people, connecting people, finding out where they came from, what makes them tick, what kind of crazy views on life they might have. I find most everyone fascinating, especially if there’s the potential to collaborate or create something together. It’s what makes this city so much fun!