Museum of Sex Offers ‘Erogenous Zone’ Aphrodisiac Cocktail For Valentine’s Day

By Darren Ressler

Erogenous Zone Perrier Cocktail

There’s no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by paying a visit to The Museum of Sex. Today the globally esteemed institution of all things smart, sexy and carnal is offering the Erogenous Zone cocktail chile infused vodka, cotton candy and Perrier. This spicy meets sweet aphrodisiac cocktail will cause your heart rate to increase, make your nerve endings more sensitive and stimulate the release of endorphins. Get excited!


1.5 oz. chile infused vodka
1 pc. Freshly spun strawberry cotton candy
4 oz. Perrier

Erogenous Zone By: The Museum of Sex

Pour chile infused vodka into champagne flute. Rip off piece of cotton candy to fill glass, pour Perrier cordial over the top.