Insiders Tell All About Studio 54 On SiriusXM

By Jim Allen

The legend of Studio 54 looms large in the history of nightlife, not just in New York City but all over the world. Those heady days of glamour, hedonism, and disco have left a major mark on music, fashion, and club culture down through the decades, one that continues to be felt as strongly as ever today. Now, for anyone who ever wished they could get a bird’s-eye view into what really went on at that legendary NYC hotspot, a unique opportunity has arisen in the form of The Marc and Myra Show.

Marc Benecke was the man at the door of Studio 54, while Myra Scheer worked as co-owner Steve Rubell‘s assistant. They’ll be joining together to jostle each other’s memories about all the historical happenings that took place under the Studio 54 roof, as part of their new satellite radio show on SiriusXM. And they won’t be alone in sharing their striking reminiscences, either — they’ll be joined at various points by some of their former co-workers as well as some of the club’s frequent attendees, all pitching in to paint a picture of a golden moment in time. So get set to hear some straight-from-the-horse’s-mouth tales involving Studio 54’s star-studded clientele, which included everyone from Andy Warhol to Bianca Jagger and beyond, starting on Sunday, August 21st.