Daniel Boulud is Making a Scotch Whiskey for New York

By Doug Bleggi

Culinary great Daniel Boulud is currently working on his own Scotch whiskey in a collaboration with The Dalmore. Though the whiskey is not intended for retail at first, it’s expected to appear in select bars in New York in the spring, namely Cafe Boulud.

“I think everyone sort of agrees whisky and chefs go together,” says Boulud who has been hard at work on the blending process for the past six months.

While it has yet to go into production, it’s expected to hit New York as early as April and depending on the whiskey’s demand, The Dalmore Selected By Daniel Boulud may branch out beyond its first few initial restaurant choices. For the time being though, the whiskey will be the latest highlight of Boulud’s 76th Street cafe but we’ll be holding out hope that it will be making its way to his restaurants in Miami, Montreal and elsewhere.

Via Eater