CloudSourcing: Pan-Pot

By Darren Ressler

Berlin techno duo Pan-Pot — Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix — are touring North America this month in support of their amazing White Fiction EP released on Anja Schneider and Ralf Kollmann’s Mobilee Records, a label they’ve enjoyed a long relationship with over the course of 15 releases. Known for devastating dance floors with their energetic sets, when the twosome are done with a crowd it’s hotter and steamier than a Bikram yoga class. In advance of their upcoming show at SRB, we talked to the duo about their five favorite producers of the moment on SoundCloud.

Pan-Pot play Momentum @ SRB on January 20. Watch Pan-Pot’s tour diary directed by Sebastian Radlmeier here.

1. Safeword
Our good friends from San Francisco. We’ve been friends for years already and have seen them improving their skills. They are ready to rock your world now!

2. Sebastian Raldmeier
Our buddy, friend and movie producer Sebastian Raldmeier. Recently changed from Sebrok to his real name, he always comes up with some great tracks.

3. Cuartero
Some of the freshest tech-house of the moment. Very driving attitude and fits in all techno sets.

4. Secret Operations
We’re both big drum ‘n’ bass fans and our favorite artist is Seba. His melodic drum ‘n’ bass kicks assssss!

5. Naono
Just the right music for relaxing and flying. Amazingly chillout tunes, you have to check this out!

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