CloudSourcing: Dennis “Citizen” Kane

By Darren Ressler

Dennis “Citizen” Kane is a DJ’s DJ, a selector who plays fantastic dance music and isn’t afraid to blur the lines between genres. Famous for his parties at Cielo and long-running co-producer of Strobe Lodge parties, Kane is always pushing quality new music. We checked in with Big Daddy Kane (sorry, we couldn’t resist) to find out his five artists of the moment on SoundCloud.

Vistors’ “Night Fever” is out now on Disques Sinthomme. Check it out here.

Image by Dan Hill

1. The Beat Broker
Edits, new tracks, remixes, dubs and DJ mixes are all here on Ryan’s page and the quality is extremely high. I have had the privilege of working with Ryan over the years, and I am always surprised and impressed by the inventiveness and richness of what he puts out — well, not really surprised at all any more; the only surprise is that he doesn’t get more attention. With his forthcoming LP on BearFunk that should change though!

2. Claremont 56
The small indie label that could and does, run with tremendous care by my man Paul Murphy (a.k.a. Mudd) Claremont presents a range of releases that are balearic, deep, and funky. Artists like Smith and Mudd, Almunia, Holger Czukay, and Bison are featured, plus canny reissues from Dog Eat Dog and Fist of Facts. Solid adult bizness!

3. Lexx
Zurich’s own Alex Storrer (a.k.a. Lexx) has been quietly issuing great remixes and rich original productions, on this page you can sample some of his best work, and also enjoy his edits and a wide sample of his DJ mixes — clear Balearic sounds with a very soulful touch. Lexx is a very chill customer who has the evenness of temperament to survive nights of chaos with me and Brennan Green — hell, we barely make it through them.

4. Justin Strauss
A true New York giant Justin has been the king of the remix for 20+ years, his cloud features work done for Tina Turner, Lenny Kravitz, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yacht, Skinny Puppy, Duran Duran, LCD Soundsystem,
and on and on…. just go there!

5. Felix Dickinson
“Foolish” Felix runs the Cynic label, throws parties and DJs worldwide. His page features Cynic releases
including two of his monikers Foolish and Sly and L.H.A.S.. Someone who makes strong forward-thinking dance music, Felix also features several of his DJ mixes including a set done for Red Bull Music Academy.