Better Know A Blogger: Izzy Tuason of The Dandy Project

By Cillian O' Connor

Hailing from Manila, style blogger Izzy Tuason of The Dandy Project has succeeded in making a considerable impact on New York’s fashion landscape since arriving in the city. A graduate of the master of science program in advertising at Boston University, Tuason has since established himself as a freelance fashion writer and stylist, working with some of the industry’s biggest players and online and print publications including celebrated New York menswear designer Tim Hamilton, and style bible W magazine, for which he regularly shoots New York’s most stylish within the surroundings of their own homes. Known for his irreverent approach to style, Tuason often disregards sartorial rules, infusing his looks with inspiration gleaned from womenswear collections, and mixing ornate luxury with clean simplicity. In between styling shows, updating his blog and numerous freelance projects, Tuason somehow manages to find the time for Ashtangi yoga, visits to his favorite eateries, writing poetry and plenty of Tweeting. We caught up with him to talk the inimitable style of the boys of Bushwick and never taking fashion too seriously.

How did The Dandy Project get started?
Izzy Tuason: I was a student living in Manila then, with so much to say about fashion, style, and dressing up. I had been posting on The Fashion Spot’s “What Are You Wearing Today?” thread for a while, so starting my own blog came as a natural progression from that.

What’s the story behind the blog’s name?
I liked the sound of The Alan Parsons Project, and ‘dandy’ would be the best way of describing my style when I started. I’ve since grown out of traditional manifestations of dandyism but have kept the name to signify a looser, more modern interpretation of the style sensibility.

Do you consider The Dandy Project a specifically menswear-themed blog?
I’d say it’s menswear-centric, as it is about things that I would like to wear and different ways of wearing them but these things and the stories behind them are inspired by movies, the internet, street culture, history, and even womenswear.

As an advertising graduate, what’s your opinion on the perennial debate regarding fashion as art vs. as commerce?
Do we need to place fashion in one box?

How would you describe your personal style?
I appreciate good tailoring and fresh shapes, and will always be more dressed-up than the average guy at the office. I tend to gravitate towards darkness, believe in quality over quantity, and never take fashion too seriously.

Do you have any style icons, if so, who?
Right now: the boys of Bushwick; Chow Mo-Wan (actor Tony Leung’s character in Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love); and Mandarin’s Rings from the Marvel Comic Universe.

What three products could you not live without?
My iPhone, my Nikon d5000, and hairspray.

Where do you shop in NYC?
Assembly,  Atelier, and IF.

Which of your posts should Société Perrier readers view?
I really like…

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