Tweet/Instagram to Société Perrier’s Miami Art Week Pop-up Page

By Doug Bleggi

We’re in the thick of Miami Art Week and Société Perrier is right in the heart of it. We know you are too which is why we want to include your MAW experience on our site. We’ve launched a special page that aggregates all your social media posts and pictures about Miami Art Week so you can see all the exciting pics and posts together in one spot.

Got something to say? Took a cool photo? Retweeting someone from our MAW follow list? Tweet #SPxMAW anytime all week long. Or if you happen to be at one of the three sweet parties being thrown at Lords this week, tweet #blacklords  and it will land on our page.

Help take part in the Miami Art Week memory collage with Société Perrier!

  • Gia Sausse

    What?! How could he possibly miss coming to New Orleans…!!?

  • Jenny Dzedzy

    Please come to Doylestown, PA…Bucks County….you will have a blast Bill:)

  • McGriz

    Tacoma is where you need to be on August 10th! We are having a party in your honor at our old Warehouse hardware store that has been in the family for over a 100 years. Great times for you to enjoy see food, booze and good people. Great view of Mt. Rainier and the City. Room for your rig and you can crash here too. You won’t miss Seattle one bit….promise.

  • McGriz

    Ooops I mean Sea Food not See Food. Please come!

  • McGriz

    I mean Sea Food not See Food. Ha Ha. Please Come this place is funky cool!