Peach Fuzz Defines Diversity Friday Nights at the Garret

By Arielle Castillo

Plenty of parties pay lip service to crowd diversity, but probably no other weekly best represents Miami’s human zoo as well as Peach Fuzz, the Friday-night sweat-fest at the Garret. Hit Grand Central‘s upstairs loft venue at about midnight, and be amazed at the variety of wildlife. Dudes with scalp tattoos share bar space with carefully coiffed future sugar babies, while downtown art kids awkwardly get down next to Kendall graffiti bros. Humidity rises to the roof from the crammed dance floor, which throbs along to a musical selection that, after a beer or two, nobody is too cool for — mostly good-time R&B and hip-hop from your middle school days to now.

“The concept of the party is technically a 90’s R&B party for ladies, with some hip-hop thrown in, even some house, classics and dancehall in the mix. Anything that’s fun and keeps you dancing,” says Raul Sanchez, a Peach Fuzz co-founder. “There’s a reason our motto became ‘your girl’s favorite party.'”

Ladies certainly love Peach Fuzz, but it also benefits from arriving complete with a following. The party arose in part as a response to the closing of BAR, the beloved, now-defunct spot Sanchez ran for OHWOW Gallery on Northeast Fourteenth Street. When that place shuttered, Sanchez teamed with artist and friend Pres Rodriguez to revive some of that old feel.

“BAR was such a staple, and Pres and I put so much effort into that place. We just wanted at least one night where we could go out and have a good time and not have to deal with any bullshit,” says Sanchez. They then tapped Adrian Douzmanian, a.k.a., DJ DZARECTOR, as the resident soundtrack provider. “He just turned 22 and I have never met anyone with his knowledge of music at that age,” says Sanchez. “It’s unfair that he can know so much so young.”

Douzmanian’s skill in keeping a party going is deft, riding a fine line between just the right shots of old, cheesy fun and the latest trill tracks. A set might go from Madonna to ’90s house to dancehall to A$AP Rocky to Juicy J to booty bass then back again. “Keeping the ladies dancing is the only policy,” Sanchez says.

With them, of course, come the rest of the crowds, and where other weeklies struggle to maintain a crowd velocity, almost a year into its tenure, Peach Fuzz boasts crowds swelling larger than ever. “The location, the Garret, feels like a Brooklyn loft. We’re playing music that doesn’t get played the way we do it at most clubs on the beach. The best compliment we get is when people are surprised that something like this is happening in Miami,” Sanchez says. “We want Peach Fuzz to be the must-go-to-party when people visit Miami.”

Image by Alex Hernandez /