New Artwork Abounds At MAM

By Doug Bleggi

The Miami Art Museum will soon be moving to a new, expanded facility, but it’s not slowing down on its delivery of new and innovative exhibits in its current location. MAM has recently acquired new works by modern and contemporary artists such as Morris Louis, Fred Wilson, Nicolas Lobo, George Sánchez-Calderón and Lynette Yiadom-Boakye.

Entitled, Restless: Recent Acquisitions From the MAM Collection, it will act as a preview of what will be to come when the museum makes its upcoming move. The Helena Rubinstein Foundation recently gave the museum a grant of $1 million in support of both their future relocation, but also for the proliferation of their exhibitions. “This installation provides another perspective on the museum’s continued growth into a civic asset for future generations of South Florida residents and visitors,” said MAM Director Thom Collins. “At the same time, the generous support from the Helena Rubinstein Foundation underscores the importance of our continued focus on building the museum’s collection.”

One particular highlight featured at Restless is the video installation, “Dancer,” by Dara Friedman, produced in conjunction with the museum. The video features 60 self choreographed dancers performing at several Miami locations, from the streets of South Beach, to the rooftops of several buildings downtown. “Restless 20″ and “Restless 21,” by Brazilian artist, Iran do Espirito Santo, is featured as well which uses planes of mirrored and frosted glass which use the spacial atmosphere of the gallery to its fullest use.

“Requiem for a Pavilion of Silence” by Robin Rhode, features stop-action digital animation to convey an East German soldier painting “multiple stenciled images of the Rietveld-designed ‘Berlin’ chair on a wall behind him, sequentially creating the illusion of an imaginary “pavilion” that seems to both shelter and oppress him.” There will also be an exhibit by Fred Wilson, showcasing the juxtaposition of Colombia’s beautiful archaeological history, and it’s history in the drug world.

These new, entrancing exhibits are just a few of many that will be featured at MAM, starting this month. The Helena Rubinstein Foundation’s recent grant will ensure that many more will be set to come before and after the museum makes its pending expansion.

Image: ‘Requiem for a Pavilion of Silence’ by Robin Rhode