myPhone: Nina Johnson-Milewski

By Rana Good

Nina Johnson-Milewski, owner and director of Miami’s Gallery Diet is a fixture on the local art scene, representing some of the city’s best artists, serving as the publisher of Miami Rail and donating time to various art philanthropies. It’s no surprise that her eye for design and art carries over into her personal abode, which was recently featured in the New York Times. Impressed by her digs? Well if you are attending MOCA’s Mystery Dates, you may be one of the lucky ones to see her home and rub shoulders with artists like Christy Gast, Nicolas Lobo, Bhakti Baxter and Emmett Moor.

With such a long list of accolades and impressive contact list, we were curious to see who and what is in Johnson-Milewski’s phone. Here is what we found.

Brand: iPhone.
Who’s on speed dial: Hubby, mom and dad.
Who’s most bragworthy name on your contact list: They’ll change their number if I tell.
Most used app: Pandora.
Show us your favorite photo: My most recent shot on Friday at a friends welcome wedding cocktail.
Best text/call ever received: “Hi, this is Elaine Louie from the New York Times, we are definitely going to feature your house in the style section.”
Most played track on your phone: “Young Americans” by David Bowie.
What’s your worst phone faux pas? Forgetting it at home.