My 5 Favorite Things: Galena Mosovich

By Rana Good

Galena Mosovich knows a good cocktail and keeps the Miami community abreast of cutting-edge mixology trends, unique ingredients and the best places to sample spirits in her role as the lead writer for cocktail culture for and The Miami Herald. When she’s not sampling new libations, Mosovich is also an avid traveler and foodie. It only makes sense that we asked someone with such a sophisticated palate what her five favorite things are. We were not disappointed!

1. Liquid Mango Nigiri at The Bazaar, SLS Hotel South Beach. If you haven’t already noticed, sea urchin (or uni) is a muse of many acclaimed chefs. Its complexity is hard to explain in less than what would be a rambling love letter to the charming little creature. Chef José Andrés nails it with his liquid mango nigiri dish at The Bazaar in Miami Beach. A thoughtful combination of sea urchin, shiso, and pickled sansho pepper, the real kicker is a smooth sphere of molecularly manipulated mango that sits adjacent to the creamy urchin. I pick it up, place it in my mouth and with this one bite more serotonin is triggered in my brain than all of the teenage hipsters feel at Ultra in a weekend.

2. Gin is my gospel. Gin cocktails are truly my favorite things to drink and it’s always a good time to have a Clover Club. I’ll follow mixologist Chris Hudnall wherever he goes to drink his CCs. When the raspberries are perfectly muddled and the egg whites are carefully emulsified, I couldn’t be more ecstatic. It’s a journey as your lips touch the thick rim of foam on top and then reach the chilled combo of gin, fresh lemon juice and fresh fruit. I prefer Oxley, but the premium small-batch brand hasn’t reached ubiquity yet. So, I’m cool with Sapphire or Plymouth. Gin also goes extremely well with grapefruit and lavender. Say yes to that when you have a chance. And, I consistently reach for a Red Snapper instead of a Bloody at brunch. No offense, Mary. Gin trumps the vodka drink every time.

3. Art. I can’t stop obsessing over this piece by Miami-based artist Luis Garcia-Nerey. To me, Nerey’s “On a Limb,” represents how I feel every day when I take risks and put myself out there with an open heart. I also have a strong connection to an incubator of creativity called the Bakehouse Art Complex in Wynwood. I devote much of my spare time to supporting this very special facility that’s home to about 70 working artists and their studios. The energy there is remarkable. You can feel it and should go to do so as much as possible.

Nestled in northwest Miami-Dade is the city of Opa-locka, where whimsical Moorish architecture from the 1920s is preserved. Its streets still bear exotic names from its origins like Ali-Baba Avenue and Sharazad Boulevard. After few decades of despair, the Opa-locka Community Development Corporation is working on an ambitious plan to transform the neighborhood into a thriving community with the help of art. Some of the best artists and urban planners are in on it. People have the chance to see a real metamorphosis if they just take a 20-minute drive.

4. Oaxaca. This magical Mexican city is more than enchanting. It’s like being transported to a parallel universe where old world Spain, Philadelphia, and New Orleans decided to start a commune of ridiculously happy and spiritually-engaged people. Must be the mezcal, which is made by hand by legit artisans who use techniques that are hundreds of years old!

5. Vintage gold lace Karl Lagerfeld top. I had the pleasure of meeting this top at Nina Johnson-Milewski’s vintage pop-up at Lester’s in Wynwood. There were butterflies in my stomach and I got a bit light-headed. I tweeted about it and posted on Facebook as the blood rushed to my face, but I simply couldn’t justify the purchase. So, I quickly ran away and longed for it for quite some time. My birthday finally rolled around and one of my thoughtful friends, Susanne Birbragher, gave it to me as a gift. There’s no better gift than the gift of gold lace.