My 5 Favorite Things (Miami Art Week Edition): Robert Fontaine

By Shayne Benowitz

With Miami Art Week‘s impending descent on Miami, we caught up with local gallery director Robert Fontaine of Wynwood’s Robert Fontaine Gallery to find out what he likes most about this time of year. With a roster of contemporary artists ranging from the established — Roy Lichtenstein, Chuck Close, Damien Hirst — to the emerging — Troy Abbot, Jud Nelson, Josafat Miranda — Fontaine is set to exhibit once again at this year’s SCOPE art fair. Here, he tells us his five favorite things about Miami Art Week.

1. Influx of Art Personalities. The tremendous excitement that comes with a huge influx of artists, collectors, dealers, and educators all in one area of the world is really interesting to me, and in some ways this becomes a curious art piece in and of itself. The people watching is wonderful. The sheer volume of eccentricity is second to none.

2. Not Knowing. I enjoy the idea of not knowing what is ahead with regards to exhibitions. You never know what awaits down every corner of Midtown and Miami Beach on a spontaneous stroll . You don’t know what you’re going to see, but you always hope there is a work, an installation, or something on visual display that will change your perception of things. Good art has a responsibility to really shake you, to open you up, to shell shock you. I’m always hopeful to find that one work that will leave me with an imprint.

3. Exhibiting. My gallery is exhibiting at the SCOPE art fair again this year. We’ve had a great run with SCOPE having shown at their fair in New York City and at Art Basel Switzerland. Exhibiting globally really gives us a far-reaching role, and at the Miami fair, it helps us reach further locally in showcasing both local and international artists we have in our program all year.

4. Parties. The live shows and the parties at the Soho Beach House are the best. I love it, but not the morning after.

5. Collectors. It’s nice to meet new collectors from all over the world. You really have to be a lover of art to travel from all reaches of the globe to Miami to find something new. I very much enjoy meeting these kinds of people. It’s nice when they support my artists. I like being the bridge between the two.