4 Local Galleries Representing During Miami Art Week

By Shayne Benowitz

With the art world set to descend on Miami for Miami Art Week, the Magic City’s heavyweight galleries are preparing to step onto the international stage in the comfort of their own backyard. Whether exhibiting at one of the world-renowned satellite fairs or presenting a special exhibition, here are four local galleries not to be overlooked in the coming week.

1. Robert Fontaine Gallery Specializing in both museum-quality and emerging contemporary and pop art from the 1960s to the present, Robert Fontaine Gallery is set to debut new works at this year’s SCOPE Miami art fair. Representing a roster of nearly 20 artists, including Nick Gentry, Josafat Miranda, and Gianluca Traina, gallery director Robert Fontaine looks forward to seeing his artists’ work in the context of other new artists from around the world. “It’s the quintessential place to show,” he says. “It’s a spotlight on the newest of the new. These artists are producing the best works of their career to show at the world’s fair of fine art.”

Thanks to past success at SCOPE in Miami, New York and Basel, Switzerland, Fontaine’s gallery will occupy a much larger booth (C19) this year. Expect exciting new work from Netherlands-based Rotganzen, a trio of artists who’ve created an installation of melted disco balls. Miami-based artist Troy Abbott will debut a series of birdcages with electronic representations of birds displayed on small LCD screens inside steel wire cages. Other must-see works include London-based Alexander Korzer-Robinson’s book sculptures, a sort of diorama collage created by cutting out all of the words in antiquarian books and leaving only their illustrations intact.

2. Dorsch Gallery Having exhibited at PULSE art fair in both New York and Miami, the Dorsch Gallery returns this year with artist Kyle Trowbridge’s installation Untitled Rant as one of the selected Pulse Projects on display. His large-scale, site-specific installation is a slogan that reads “Site of Temporarily Invested Interest” on the exterior of the Ice Palace Studios, where the fair is being held. The work is Trowbridge’s fourth artistic iteration of the slogan and it appears as a sort of supertitle to the fair and garden that it overlooks.

The Dorsch Gallery, curated by husband and wife team Brook and Tyler Dorsch, represents a roster of almost 20 emerging, mid-career, and established artists, 75 percent of whom are Miami-based. Inside their booth (E202) at PULSE, patrons will be greeted by Martin Murphy’s video installation on a green screen in the silhouette of a Diet Coke bottle where ad clips are poured into the bottle and liquified. “The piece is emotionally cool,” says Tyler. Amongst other works on display, Elisabeth Condon’s eight-foot tall abstract expressionist painting looms large, utilizing a technique that involves splattering and pouring paint onto a linen canvas in the vein of Jackson Pollack.

3. Gallery Diet Nina Johnson-Milewski’s Gallery Diet artists will be on display far and wide during Miami Art Week at art fairs, museum shows, and exhibitions at her gallery. Many of her artists are represented through an invitational program and will be showing with other galleries. At NADA, Locust Projects will present Christy Gast’s photography series and Emmett Moore’s square wooden vases, while Rome-based Federica Schiavo Gallery presents Bhakti Baxter’s representational wallpapers. At the debut of Untitled. art fair, Fabienne Lasserre’s colorful, playful linen-wrapped rod sculptures will be on display with New York’s Jeff Bailey Gallery. Baxter and Nicolas Lobo will present new works in a group exhibit at the Miami Art Museum, and Baxter’s installation The Creation of Good For Man Kind can be seen at the Wolfsonian-FIU Museum.

Johnson-Milewski sees her roll as a local gallerist during Miami Art Week as an “ambassador for everyone coming into town to experience the artists who live here full-time.” With that, Gallery Diet will be open for extended hours and Johnson-Milewski will host studio visits and tours of the Wynwood Arts District  for visitors.

4. Dina Mitrani Gallery In collaboration with Santa Monica, California’s Peter Fetterman Gallery, Dina Mitrani Gallery will transport patrons to Paris of the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s during Miami Art Week with the iconic black and white photographs of Willy Ronis. The gallery, dedicated to photography, showcases the work of both emerging and mid-career artists, and gallerist Dina Mitrani considers this exhibition one of her most important historically. Amongst the 25 museum-quality images on display, some of Ronis’ most well-known photographs include Les Amoureaux de la Bastille and Le Petit Parisian. On December 3 at 7 pm, she will host an opening reception at the gallery, along with Peter Fetterman who will be signing his new book, Woman: A Celebration, a collection of images of women by a variety of photographers.