Upcoming Event: Americana @ Lab Art

By Doug Bleggi

Lab Art have been spending the past year giving much needed exposure to some truly talented street artists from all over. For Americana, L.A. artist Random Act a.k.a Andrea LaHue will display a collection of works that tap into the American psyche, juxtaposing several notable American figures from various different points in history. LaHue’s artwork is a firsthand reaction to her own experience travelling across the U.S. with Abraham Lincoln, Gil Scott-Heron and Woody Guthrie being important reference points for her work.

Opening night is December 13 and will feature recitations of the Gettysburg Address and Gil Scott-Heron’s “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” as well as music provided by DJ Ty and Buzz Can’t DJ. The exhibition will run at Lab Art until January 13.