MOCA Presents Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe’s Epic Performance

By Angelica Martin

Last week the Museum of Contemporary Art presented the premier of Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe’s new performance Shadow Pool: A Natural History of the San San International.

Upon arrival guests were ushered into a perfectly packed courtyard for an enchanting cocktail reception, featuring tequila samples, coconut water and a keg. The charm of the ivied courtyard and sparkling white lights was muted only slightly by the inability to move even marginally without accosting a fellow guest.

The crowd was comprised of L.A.’s artsy folk, cultural influencers and tastemakers. At 7:45pm the doors to the Masonic Lodge opened, and gradually all 350 guests drifted in for the performance. The room which packed us all in was shadowy and intimate, and the murmur of anticipation flowed throughout.

The performance called on a mixture of genres, all of which combined worked together to illustrate the world of the San San International, a mega-convention of staggering proportions.

The evening culminated with an explosion of sorts, merging slideshow, fashion show, sculptural design and live music together in a smoke-filled room, forming an epic theatrical collage and leaving the audience captivated and hungry for more.

Images by Daniel DiScala