Leyendecker Designers Talk Clothing and Confidence

By Angelica Martin

Since its inception in 2006, Leyendecker has earned a reputation for its clean lines, deceptively sexy dresses, and clothing that works seamlessly with a modern woman’s lifestyle. You can expect to find pieces that are comfortable and easy to wear, with just enough L.A. chic to keep things interesting. We caught up with Jessica Moss and Lisa Guajardo, the fabulous designing duo at the helm of this California-bred brand, to talk about life-changing blouses and the surprising thing men find sexy.

What is your favorite thing about the clothes you design?
Jessica Moss: My favorite thing about Leyendecker has always been how special it is. You can spot one of our pieces from across the room and it’s like, “yeah, that’s Leyendecker…”

Lisa Guajardo: I love the way a girl feels when she’s wearing our clothing — we hear all the time that girls just get insane amounts of compliments when they wear us.

Jessica Moss: I think because our stuff evokes a kind of inner confidence.

Describe the woman you design for. Who is she?
Guajardo: She’s sexy, she’s confident, she’s feminine but not girlie.

Moss: She has a sense of humor when it comes to fashion — she’s playful, you know?

Guajardo: She’s not afraid to stand out in a crowd.

Moss: But never in that awkward way, more like, “Who is that girl? She’s the person in the room who I want to be talking to!”

What sets Leyendecker apart and makes your brand unique?
Jessica Moss: We have our own unique aesthetic and a somewhat quirky sensibility when it comes to design. We like to balance that with a kind of familiarity, usually derived from vintage silhouettes…that way the brand is always different, yet somehow familiar.

Guajardo: We love the idea of opposite ideas coming together in a single garment…that’s the true Leyendecker aesthetic.

Moss: Yeah, she [a Leyendecker girl] is never anyone thing — she’s more complex, and that’s what makes her interesting.

What is one thing you’d like our readers to know about Leyendecker?
Jessica Moss: It’s funny, I’m always told that men find out clothing really, really sexy. Like, I’ve had women tell me that when they wear our pieces they get comments from random men, or boyfriends and husbands are particularly interested in our clothes. I’ve heard men say, “that dress is so sexy, but not in an overtly sexy way…just really sexy and classy.” It always surprises me when men take a particular interest in our pieces.

What’s next for Leyendecker? What can we expect to see from you in the next few years?
Moss: We’re going to continue doing what we do: changing the world one blouse at a night.

Guajardo: I don’t know about “changing the world,” but we’re certainly making it prettier!