H.Lorenzo: A Los Angeles Icon

By Angelica Martin

Permanently perched at the forefront of fashion’s most progressive labels, designers, and trends is Lorenzo Hadar, the influential head of four iconic Los Angeles-based boutiques: H.Lorenzo Women, H.Lorenzo Men, H.Lorenzo Shoes, and his newest location, H.L.N.R., an eco-concept boutique for men and women. He’s known throughout Los Angeles and beyond for discovering emerging talents in fashion and catering to Hollywood’s elite. His boutiques carry hard-to-find labels, including Aguri Sagimori and Comme Des Garçons, and they proudly carry new talent and avant-garde lines.

Hadar personally curates his collection by traveling the globe in search of the best of the best, and rarely does he disappoint. Each boutique has a happy mix of well-known, established brands, and relatively fetal designers. Those who know Hadar well, know he’s constantly on the search for unique, progressive designers to introduce to the North American market.

“We’re here to serve the counter culture,” said in in interview with Scoute. “It’s not about shunning the mass trend, but about finding something that is truly special and distinct…fashion always risks becoming trendy, but we’re not about serving trends. We partner with labels we like, and things we like to buy. It’s always about finding special things, things that appeal to the gut or stimulate the mind.”

The fashions you’ll find within the H.Lorenzo boutiques will be a mix of the edgy, the modern, the ever-youthful, and the perpetually refined. Each piece does indeed feel special and fresh, and the impulse of design, culture and art that drives each collection permeates throughout every inch of these beloved boutiques.