The Raines Law Room

By Doug Bleggi

Sometimes you just crave a dinner party but don’t want to wait around for your friends to throw one. That’s where The Raines Law Room comes in. Cozy, luxurious and timeless, the bar/restaurant is a perfect escape for anyone looking for delicious food and drinks shying away from some without the volume of some of New York’s noisier spots. With an intimate lighting setup and comfortable seating, the bar invokes the feeling of a well-kept private residence, except one with buzzers everywhere to summon your server. If the interior wasn’t homey enough, the entrance actually requires a ring of a front door bell to which a host will come out to greet you. Named after a 1900s law meant to curtail liquor consumption, The Raines Law Room will have you gleefully breaking that rule in a delightfully friendly setting.