Cocktail Recipe: Perrier Chocolate Treasure

By Laurent Greco

The Perrier Chocolate Treasure is an adaptation of the well-known chocolate martini, but revisited in a translucent and fizzy version, with an edgy molecular touch. This creation was concocted from an abstract concept as a reminder of the major role piracy played in the construction of the history of the cocktail: indeed, many recipes were invented by privateers a long, long time ago.

In this recipe, thrusting swords on the sea are replaced by the movement of mixing spoons, hoisted to the lofty mast of elegance, waving like a French flag in an effervescence of Perrier bubbles.

Step 1: Make a natural jelly
To do this, mix the sheet of gelatin with a little hot water, leave it to cool, then collect 15 ml of jelly into a syringe and place a few drops at the bottom of a Martini glass.

Step 2
Tastefully display the three pieces of chocolate by sticking them to the jelly at the bottom of the empty glass. This can be prepared in advance but must be kept in the refrigerator so the jelly sets the pieces of chocolate; if they are insufficiently fixed to the bottom of the glass they will float.

Step 3
Fill a mixing glass with ice. Add the chocolate liqueur, the strawberry liqueur and stir with a spoon for 10 seconds. Pour in the Perrier and stir again for a further five seconds so as not to “break” the Perrier bubbles.

Step 4
When ready to serve, pour the mixture over the pieces of chocolate stuck to the bottom of the Martini glass, filtering the ice cubes. Present alongside the bottle of Perrier.

Image © Loran Dhérines