This is A Man’s World: Fashion for the Discerning Gentleman

By Amanda Rushforth

In a world where fashion designers promote women’s couture and encourage androgyny, where does a guy’s guy go for a good slice of tailoring and haute design? Introducing Dubai’s newest male orientated fashion line, The London Robe Company. Silky materials and stylish designs to be worn out in their full glory or behind the scenes for your eyes only, and don’t be put off by their luxury pyjama range, because style never sleeps.

Designed as the local man’s fashion label, the brand offers Saville Row standard design, cut and attention to detail, sold to discerning gents with a love for the finer things in life. The company’s luxury clothes are designed by British owners Geoff and Lorna Young. Taking their designs to London’s most experienced tailors, the master patterns for The Knightsbridge Collection are pre-production perfection. Garments are then manufactured locally by some of the city’s finest master tailors and a bespoke made-to-measure service is also available.

The Result – Exceptionally beautiful precision-produced statement jackets with matching bow ties to complete the look. The company also produces elegant dressing/evening robes which come in a selection of limited run hand loom silks, classic pure silks, and intricate silk brocades.

And if your fearful of bumping into another savvy jacket wearer at the same launch, then fret no more, each item made by the company is either one of a three limited edition set or the garments are totally unique.

The London Robe Company is a Dubai-based success story. The label was launched in the Burj Al Arab at the World Luxury Expo late last year, and an exclusive collection has been available from Harvey Nichols’ VIP personal shopping area (men’s department) almost ever since.

…Think James Bond meets Sherlock Holmes.

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