My 2012: H.O.S.H.

By Societe Perrier DXB

Hot off his amazing gig here in Dubai, we caught up with H.O.S.H. and found out what his 2012 was like, apart from amazing!

Proudest moment of 2012?
I am sure there were many great and also proud moments in 2012 so its hard to choose one. Being a team player i would say our Sankeys Neon Closing Party in Ibiza. It was nice to see what had happened and what we had done in the summer months where it all came down to one final big bang.

Best holiday of 2012?
I haven’t had a holiday in 2012 to be honest. Also, I’ve spent good times in sunny countries…so I guess that counts.

Favourite fashion pick of 2012?
I don´t know why, but, i got totally into black in 2012. My favourite shirts are from a new brand from the Netherlands called Chillp and another called Soulland, they are also one of my favourite brands at the moment.

Favorite song of the year?
A very hard one. There hasn´t been any ‘one’ favourite song to be honest, though, one track that has really fought its way through all my playlists was Honom – Bedcat.

Best gig you played in 2012?
That one has got be my birthday party on Formentera island in Ibiza. What a vibe, what a love affair!

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
I am not the kind of guy to have resolutions for the new year. Just be true to yourself and try to be more thankful for what you have and to spread some love.