Upcoming Event: Black Keys x Arctic Monkeys@ Air Canada Center

By Gabriel Garceau

With over a decade of hard work, 7 albums and 6 Grammy Awards in their back pocket, the Black Keys definitely don’t need more of an introduction.

After pushing the limits of blues with the revolutionary album “Brothers”, the notorious Ohio duo is confidently exploring new horizons in their latest release entitled “El Camino”.

Recording under the influence of producer Danger Mouse, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney drift away from their (now famous) old-school blues sounds to concoct faster rock & roll riffs, which turn out to be particularly seductive. As the iconic Chevrolet – El Camino – did back in the 80’s, the record delivers and takes you on a journey, from beginning to end.

And when you think this concert can’t get any better, well, it does. With the Arctic Monkeys taking care of opening, you’ll be “on your dancing shoes” and rocking out to their raw UK indie before you know it.