The Enigmatic Max Zorn and his Translucent Ecstasy

By Adam Mazerall

Less than a year ago, in May 2011, street artist Max Zorn affixed his first translucent tape artwork to a lamp post in Amsterdam. Using nothing but brown packing tape and a scalpel, this visionary set out to transform the city night into a glowing gallery, employing the urban lights to create an ethereal aesthetic. The effect is engaging, and his pieces immediately caught the attention of the masses both locally and internationally.

Street art is seen by some as revolutionary, using a scant environment as a backdrop to beauty. Others view it as heightened graffiti – itself a form of street art – that tarnishes sterile cityscapes. But it’s of no consequence that in more recent years it has been revered as Creative 2.0, along with Banksy‘s stencil-assisted satires and the ‘street parades’ of Italy’s own Blu.

Max Zorn‘s tape art is pure mysticism. His use of medium and environment demonstrates extreme care and forethought. Like a well-executed YouTube video – say, I don’t know, Shit Girls Say – Zorn’s work went viral and spawned copycats, though luckily none gained prominence in the same light or annoyed web-savvy wanderers with such overplay. One of the international sensation’s more recent projects, Stick Together, was like an offline Facebook ‘Like’ button.

Enjoy Max Zorn‘s work? Request your own sticker of his work and “pimp street lights around the world with tape art,” effectively registering on your city’s own Timeline. Or think of it as a real world Pinterest. You found something you like, so why not share it with your community?

Street artists are notorious for being enigmatic. They change the landscape of our cities, often for the better (though that’s debatable), ignite conversation and spread a sense of communal wonder. But one wrong move could in effect result in their demise, thanks to city bylaws against defacing buildings. Thankfully, the rapid spread of these types of urban museums, showcasing all kinds of fantastic relics, is nothing short of sublimation. Disagree? Watch this and see if you feel the same…